July 29, 2014, Boston, Massachusetts – The transition from a reliance on manual facilities management processes and calculations to more automated, online processes has allowed the government of Washington County, Minnesota to increase its space metrics accuracy from a 20% margin of error to accuracy within .004% by using software from ARCHIBUS, the #1 developer in the world for real estate, infrastructure and facilities management software.

The improvement in its management practices in space management and other areas was so significant that the Public Works Department was given the IFMA Technology In-Use Award from the local IFMA chapter in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

The adoption of ARCHIBUS has finally resulted in accurate collection and centralization of key building service information and automating business processes for the county’s one million square feet of space, 16 buildings, assorted parks, transportation maintenance facilities, and county service centers.

The Goal: High ROI Implementation with Centralized Data, Web Access

“When I started in the county, the main way of submitting and tracking work orders was with three-page handwritten, carbon-copied forms,” explains Eric Jalowitz, the county’s Assistant Public Works Manager. “The engineers would just write it down and send it through interoffice mail.

Our craftspeople would take it, do the work, put it in their notes, and then use interoffice mail to send it back. We used phone and two-way radio to contact people but it’s hard to track that. At other times, we’d just make a verbal request in the hallway. Utilizing email, there was no way to know who opened the email work orders. So it created a lot of confusion and frustration for us in management and for engineers.”

Managing space information was also a challenge at a county with many CAD drawings, and no one on staff with CAD training at the time, adds Public Works Supervisor Mandy Leonard. With the help of ARCHIBUS Business Partner Talisen Technologies, the county was able to define the required system capabilities and design the best implementation approach.

The ARCHIBUS system met that need with an initial implementation that included Space Inventory & Performance, Personnel & Occupancy, On Demand Work, and Preventive Maintenance.

Reaping the Rewards: Space Accuracy Within .004%

The six–step implementation plan began with defining organizational processes, employee/SLA/equipment data gathering, and drawing preparation. The second phase addressed administrator training, and system testing and piloting. Finally, the project targeted system refinements and end-user training prior to system launch.

“We decided to do a full branding and marketing campaign because we needed to sell our technology vision,” Leonard remembers. “We created a newsletter that basically talked about ARCHIBUS and what the modules were that we were going to implement. The company intranet was used to post the newsletters and announcements as well as provide demonstrations to department managers and supervisors.”

Square footage reports now provide data accuracy within .004%. In addition, space, employee location, and work order information is now current, easily accessible, and managed more efficiently.

“Reaping the benefits of the ARCHIBUS implementation,” adds Leonard, “we received the IFMA Technology In-Use Award from the local IFMA chapter in Minneapolis/St. Paul for the significant change we made in the county and the amount of money we saved with the system. And more departments want to be part of this, so we’ve raised our profile and gained staff, which in government is virtually impossible.”

The awards may continue, too, as the county adds Service Desk, Asset Portal, Energy Management and Move Management applications to improve operations and lower costs.

Says Leonard, “We have really taken ourselves from a complete zero of a system (with zero data value) into the modern era with ARCHIBUS.”

About ARCHIBUS, Inc.

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