IWMS Software Development

One of the key challenges of IWMS Software development is the immense variety of software features that need to be stuffed in every release. Most Research and Development departments of IWMS vendors seem to be under constant pressure to keep up with requirements.

And what’s even worse, the more requirements programmers finish, the more requirements will be put on the backlog. It’s an never-ending story, and will eventually lead to more problems.

Seriously, programming features simply is not sustainable, and will cause a signification deterioration of the quality of your IWMS. What’s more it will frustrate many of your programmers.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s no fun being a IWMS developer nowadays when the only thing you can do is program features.

Therefore, it is time that IWMS product managers shift, and narrow their focus release by release.

More is not better

Don’t program features, instead create solutions. More is definitively not better in software development. (or in any other industries). In fact in most cases, less is more.

A great example of less is more comes from the FOX-series Kitchen Nightmares. World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay travels the country visiting some of the most unsanitary and unsuccessful restaurants in America.

Each week, Chef Ramsay will observe the inner workings of the chosen establishment to try and get to the root of the problem causing the business to fail.

In almost every episode Chef Ramsey reduces the number of dishes on the menu by at least 50%, because the menu simply has too many ‘features’.

Shouldn’t you do the same by limiting the number of unnecessary features, and start focusing on the quality of your solutions?

Do one thing (really, really) well

It’s best to do one thing really, really well.

There is no place for mediocre products for everyone.

Your R&D is the next big ‘marketing thing’.

Make sure that you WOW people, and help them with their lives, and their business challenges.