Brunswick, Maine, October 2010– PenBay Solutions LLC (PenBay), a leader in bringing geographic information system (GIS) technology inside the building, has authored a groundbreaking white paper entitled “Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Facility Management.”

Stuart Rich, PenBay’s Chief Technology Officer, and Kevin Davis, Director of Business Development, present a strong case for using GIS as a complementary technology to existing facility management and real estate tools.

The paper’s thesis is that GIS technology has many practical and impactful uses for facility managers by adding an important geographical dimension to viewing, understanding, questioning and interpreting information about facilities across the landscape.

GIS can be used by facility managers to support effective space or asset management and planning, emergency or disaster planning and response, and several other applications.

Providing a detailed overview about GIS, including informative case studies, this paper is useful for individuals, managers and leaders within facility management, as well as real estate professionals, property developers, architects, engineers, and government entities.

The paper is sponsored by Manhattan Software, leaders in computer-aided facility management (CAFM) and integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) software, Esri, the market leader in GIS,  and the IFMA Foundation, an organization working to promote research and educational opportunities for the advancement of the facility management profession.

“GIS can be used throughout the life cycle of a facility – from site selection, design and construction to use, maintenance and adaptation, and ultimately through closing, re-purposing and reclamation.  The challenge is to manage each step of the process in a way that maximizes the benefits of the facility on society while minimizing short- and long-term impacts on the natural environment. As an integrative platform for management and analysis of all spatial things, I believe, as the authors of this white paper have eloquently stated, GIS “is the only technology that has the ability to scale across any expanse, from the individual asset with a building to a virtually global context.” ~ Excerpt from Foreword by Jack Dangermond, President Esri

The white paper is available for readers at no fee and offers detailed information on a variety of topics for using GIS to successfully manage facilities with insight into: real estate and portfolio management; space management; maintenance management; environmental and sustainability management; and emergency preparedness.  Additionally, the paper addresses how GIS can be integrated with other applications such as CAFM, IWMS and building information modeling or BIM.

To download your copy of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Facility Management white paper, please visit PenBay Solutions’ website,

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