June 23, 2014 Boston, Massachusetts: Nebraska’s Lincoln Public School system is targeting a 5% reduction in utilities use by integrating its building automation system (BAS) with its facilities management system from ARCHIBUS, Inc., the #1 software solution in the world for real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management.

By integrating the online ARCHIBUS Reservations application, for scheduling and tracking room use, with the BAS system, the school system’s facilities management team could track which of its many rooms are being used during the day, or by school or community groups at night, and shut down HVAC and lighting systems when rooms are vacant.

With every school system in the nation attempting to wring waste out of increasingly strained budgets, Nebraska’s Lincoln Public Schools was no exception. With 64 facilities and over 7 million square feet of space under management, there was a great deal of utility consumption to analyze and reduce to meet the Director of Operation’s goal of a 5% reduction in its utility bills.

Utility use overall had been rising over the last decade for Lincoln Public Schools, Nebraska’s second largest school system. This was due, in part, to a 27% facilities expansion to accommodate a growing student population. Just as big a source of utility demand was the 154% hourly increase in community use of school facilities.

The school system, with the help of Business Partner Rand Worldwide, found a technology solution to utility cost reduction through the integration of the ARCHIBUS Reservations application and the school’s building automation system (BAS).

“We originally had a paper-based reservations system and there was really no accountability with it,” says ARCHIBUS Administrator Deb Ryan.. “People would fill out a piece of paper, the principal would sign off on it. They would send a copy to us. I would put it on a spreadsheet and, from the spreadsheet, Roger Buman, our HVAC Assistant Supervisor, would look and see what HVAC systems needed to be turned on in the buildings.”

The facilities management team, which also included Technology Coordinator Wayne Regnier, decided that for maximum control of room use and related utilities, the department needed an online reservations system that would sync with the HVAC infrastructure. The system, notes Ryan, had to be accessible anytime and from anywhere.

“Reporting on room use is now really easy,” confirms Ryan. “We can go in and look at the thousands of reservations we have each year and view them by day, by week, or by month. You just type in the time period, the name of the facility and we know exactly what’s going on in our schools and what room configuration and HVAC services have to be activated and deactivated.”

In addition to tracking reservations for community group meetings and related liability insurance information, custodial cleaning sessions and more, the system also affords the facilities management team a great deal of programming flexibility, a significant advantage to a school system of this size.

“We have over 15,000 rooms in our 64 buildings and over 9,140 of them are currently managed with our integrated HVAC and Reservations system, but all of our buildings are submitting reservations online now – and most room configurations and set-ups are in our database, too,” says Regnier. “The rest of our rooms will be online soon. At that point, we’ll have the infrastructure we’ll need to reach our 5% utility reduction goal.”

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