Today’s workplace continues to evolve rapidly. Worldwide, about one in five workers already works from home every day and two-thirds expect their workplace to go fully virtual within the next few years.

The roots of this change stem from many sources. Some grow from lifestyle and preference, but lifestyle also dovetails with demographics, as baby boomers have begun to reach retirement age, and younger workers replace them. The economics of business also contributes, as the ability to conduct business online can have a significant effect on sectors such as banking and retail.

This combination of elements dramatically alters not only the culture of work but the physical workplace itself. As the nature of work changes, facilities management executives must come up with ways to address the shrinking workforce and growing oversupply of office space. They must work to improve facilities utilization. And they must accelerate preventive and corrective actions, especially those related to energy consumption, to reduce facility operations costs.

This white paper will discuss how the changing nature of work and workers impacts the management of the workplace.

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