Today’s guest post is from Carol Owens with who discusses the top 5 benefits of using barcoding technology with your maintenance software.

Reduce data entry time and costly errors while boosting productivity by integrating your facility maintenance software with barcoding technology.

Many maintenance management software vendors are offering barcoding capability as an included feature or add-on to improve the timeliness and accuracy of data input in their CMMS/EAM systems.

Barcoding technology links work orders, spare parts, assets, and purchase orders.

Barcode data collection systems typically consist of barcode labels, printing equipment to produce the labels, and barcode reading equipment.

The following are the top 5 benefits of using barcoding technology with your maintenance software.

1. Provides greater mobility and flexibility

Typically, maintenance technicians are required to locate equipment, retrieve information, and then record the data at a later time. “Travel time” often takes away from maintenance technicians’ actual time to perform maintenance.

Handheld computers and barcoding technology dramatically extend the power of maintenance software by enabling maintenance technicians to use their mobile devices to scan barcodes on parts and equipment right at the work site.

2. Decreases data entry errors

According to global supply chain standards organization GS1, skilled data entry operators make approximately one mistake per 300 keystrokes, while barcoding technology reduces mistakes to one mistake per one million keystrokes.

By eliminating manual data entry, barcoding technology decreases data entry errors and prevents the database from being corrupted with non-standard inputs, which can make statistical analysis more difficult.

3. Enables maintenance technicians to quickly inspect equipment and create work orders

Maintenance technicians can quickly and easily scan the barcode on a piece of equipment rather than waste time and effort trying to verify and input the equipment number.

In addition, maintenance technicians can create work orders out in the field by scanning the equipment’s barcode.

4. Improves productivity

Barcoding technology enhances a maintenance department’s productivity by reducing data entry time.

Thanks to barcoding technology, maintenance technicians spend less time gathering and entering data and more time on preventive maintenance tasks, which translates into maximized asset uptime at your facility.

5. Provides a rapid return on investment

Barcoding technology eliminates time-consuming data entry, accurately records all aspects of every transaction, and dramatically improves productivity, therefore providing a rapid return on investment (ROI).

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