Last week CFI presented a deep dive of the ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework with special focus on Space Management and Building Operations applications. This “features and functions” overview was hosted by ARCHIBUS’ Greg Alevras with a demonstration by CFI’s Greg Landgraf.

The ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework extends existing Web Central business logic to field personnel who require mobile access to ARCHIBUS date, workflows,and validations. These applications include:

  • Space Book App which provides facilities staff with easy access to building data and drawings on mobile devices as well as the ability to conduct paperless space surveys
  • Maintenance App which facilitates updating and completion of work while in the field as well as enhanced information accuracy
  • Asset & Equipment Survey App which supports the creation and maintenance of asset inventories as well as enhanced information accuracy
  • Incidents Reporting App which captures and reports on environmental, health, and safety incidents and details
  • Workplace Surveys Portal App which supports request intake and processing  for room reservations, A/V needs, etc.
  • Space & Occupancy Survey App which facilitates verification of space allocation, employee locations, and more.
  • Mobile Executive Reporting App which generates metrics, alerts, and summary reports in the field and on demand

Download a copy of the ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework Webinar PPT PDF
The recording will be posted soon.

Also, be sure to reach out to your CFI representative and take advantage of a free 10 day test drive of the ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework today!