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CAD & CAFM Managers in High-Demand in the Facility Management World

Today we have a guest post Ashley Halligan, a facility management system analyst. In this post she discuses five of the most in-demand facility management positions today.

While researching a recent article I was writing for my company website, I came across five of the most in-demand facility management positions today.

I interviewed researchers at the IFMA, academic professors in specialized facilities programs and even authors and activists. Though these aren’t the only five positions that are in demand, they’re certainly great avenues to take if seeking a career shift or advancement in facility management: maintenance managers, sustainability engineers, analysts, building automation system technicians and CAD & CAFM managers.

Here, we’ll focus on the Computer Aided Drafting and Computer Aided Facility Management positions. These managers are responsible for integrating, implementing and maintaining the facility management software systems. They optimize space usage, maintain electronic records and are knowledgable of the state-of-the-art systems that act as the operational foundations behind-the scenes.

Because facilities are being designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind, and many are being entirely remodeled to become more environmentally responsible, having having someone on board who is a mastermind of the building’s sophisticated needs is a huge asset.

An IFMA study reports the following qualifications for a CAFM/CAD management role: A bachelor’s degree in architecture, engineering, construction, or related field is required, extensive CAD systems and non-CAD databases preferred with a minimum of four years of progressively responsible CAD/CAFM management experience. Experience with CAFM systems is required.

Regina F. Cahill, Associate Provost and Dean of Facilities Technologies at TCI College of Technology, explains what employees expect professionally,“Employers are looking for persons who have college degrees which usually are accompanied with a higher level of critical thinking and communication skills, have the technical vocabulary and aptitude and hold certifications from the regulatory agencies of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).”

Jeffrey W. Rogers, Ph.D. from Rochester Institute of Technology explains, “Facility management, as a profession, is a recession-proof profession. If organizations are not expending their physical assets in good economic times, they are maintaining their existing physical assets in bad economic times. Therefore, all organizations that have physical assets must hire facility managers.”

For more information about the other in-demand roles, read the original article here.

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  1. Ashley,

    I would also offer that demand for well-qualified resources can be generated from a number of different sources: internal facility management functions within companies and public sector agencies; services providers such as architects, facility services companies and others; and IWMS/CAFM software vendors and their business partners.

    As person who’s career started in architecture, CAD and CAFM and has grown over 20 years to now develop and market IWMS software within one the largest companies in the world, I appreciate your promotion of this career path.