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20 IWMS, CAFM and CMMS Blogs To Watch in 2012

In 2010 we started our annual publication of 20 IWMS, CAFM and CMMS Blogs To Watch.

Both in 2010 and 2011 we created the list based on our knowledge of the industry, and relevant blogs.

This year we have decided for a different approach.

In our call for blogs to watch in 2012, we have asked our readers to submit their candidates to for inclusion in the list.

And so you did!


We had expected you to participate, but we were very happy to receive more than 300 submissions for our list!

Thank you so much!

As always, the list below is randomized and we don’t consider it to be ranking.


1. Ask Ebiz

This is the blog for EBUSINESS STRATEGIES, and the blog is updated weekly with thought leadership topics on Corporate Real Estate and Workplace Management.


2. PeopleCube’s Scheduling Chronicles

For the third consecutive year Peoplecube’s Scheduling Chronicles has been included in our list. The Real Estate Management, Energy Management, & Resource Management Blog of Peoplecube is updated almost weekly with very interesting articles on a variety of topics.


3. The BRG Blog

BRG provides Workplace Management Solutions. BRG specializes in business advisory services, technology deployment and staff augmentation in support of Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management organizations.

On the BRG blog you’ll find team insights about industry trends, emerging technologies and innovative, fresh takes on Facilities Management.



4. FacilityBlog

One of the most widely read Blog about facility management is FacilityBlog. FacilityBlog began in May 2005, and has been revamped in 2011. This great resource on Facility Management is a must-read for IWMS, CAFM, and CMMS professionals.


5. IBM Asset Management Blog

The purpose of this blog is to inform readers about current activities and offers for the Asset Management solution, as well as to provoke conversation about areas of interest in the market. It is also the new location of the former “Tririga Insights” blog.


6. FM & Beyond

FM & Beyond, Thoughts on the Practice of Facility Management, is the blog of Ken Burhalter, a seasoned facility management and project management professional with over thirty years experience with a wide range of organizations. As Deputy Director Facilities Services at The RAND Corporation Ken is primarily responsible for capital project planning and implementation.



7. Manhattan Software IWMS Blog

Nancy Sanquist of Manhattan Software is frequently posting thoughts and opinions on Manhattan Software and the industry. This is a very interesting blog of one of the leading IWMS vendors.


8. The Agile Workplace

The Agile Workforce is the blog of AgilQuest. AqilQuest provides managers and employees tools to adapt and thrive in today’s workplace. Main topic of the blog include: Mobility, Hoteling, Space Usage, Sustainability and Business Intelligence.



9. FM:Systems Blog

FM:Systems provides IWMS, CAFM, BIM & sustainability solutions to help FM’s & RE professionals to deliver better customer service, reduce costs & improve productivity. Connecting People, Place and Processes is the blog of FM:Systems with news and thoughtful insights.


10. Mintek Blog

Stuart Smith is Mintek’s InBound Marketing Specialist. He works hard at creating compelling content to keep Mintek’s customers and prospects informed with relevant information.


Add The Built Environment to your RSS Reader

11. The Built Environment

For the second consecutive year Michel Theriault’s The Built Environment blog has made it to our list. Last year Michel has launched the book “Managing Facilities & Real Estate” and has co-hosted a Planon webinar: Information Based Decisions. The blog is an extension of Michel’s thorough knowledge of the industry.


Esri Blogs

12. Esri Blogs

Geographic information system (GIS) technology leverages this geographic insight to address social, economic, business, and environmental concerns at local, regional, national, and global scales. What’s more it is becoming increasingly important in our industry. Therefore, we have included Esri in the 20 blogs to watch in 2012.


13. CFI Blog

CFI is an all encompassing consulting and systems integration firm working exclusively in real estate and facility management. CFI has redesigned their website in 2011 and they now frequently post on all kinds of IWMS related topics.

Keep up the good work guys!


14. The Future of Work

The Future of Work helps senior executives understand the changing nature of work, the workforce, and the workplace so they can design and build more effective organizations.



15. Qube Global Software Blog

For the second year in our list is Global View, the Qube Global Software Blog. Main categories of the blog include: News Archives, Property Management Software and Qube Global Software. As they keep posting interesting articles we have included them in our list for 2012 too.


16. PM Tips

The authors of PM Tips have many years of experience in IT consulting, Project Management and IWMS. They discuss project management from all kinds of different perspectives; e.g. the project manager, the consultant, the customer and others. If you want to have more information about IT project management PMTips is a resource that we would recommend.


Integrated Workplace Management Systems News Blog

17. IWMSNews Blog

Of course we need to include our own IWMSNews blog in the list ;-)). Thanks to you we have been expanding our website constantly. We hope you will keep coming back to our blog for more information about IWMS, CAFM and other topics.


18. CoreNet Global Blogs

In our list the CoreNet Global Workplace Community is a new list item. CoreNet Global’s knowledge function within the community is now actively seeking participation and contributions in a number of areas. What’s more, many blog posts and interesting articles are available already, and more are on the way. Therefore we have included CoreNet Global in our list.


19. Lucernex IWMS Blog

For the third consecutive year we have included the Lucernex IWMS blog as a blog to watch in 2012. Although the Lucernex team hasn’t posted as many articles like previous years, still Lucernex is a good IWMS read.


20. Lease Accounting Blog

The Lease Accounting blog of Kelvin Smith, Vice President of Financial Computer Systems, Inc., and Chief  What’s more, he also frequently publishes on the expected lease accounting changes. This resource is extremely valuable for anticipating the impact of the Lease Acccounting Changes


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  1. Jimmy @ MEX says:

    Great list! It’s sometimes tough to find new facility’s resources, cheers for putting this together.

  2. CMMS says:

    This is nice collection,i get knowledge of your CMMS blogs,i need your 2009 CMMS blogs,please share to this bog.