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20 IWMS, CAFM and CMMS Blogs To Watch in 2010

We have updated our list.
Please go our updated list:  20 IWMS, CAFM and CMMS Blogs To Watch in 2013

A guest post by Jade Craven on Problogger inspired me to create this list of 20 IWMS, CAFM and CMMS Blogs To Watch in 2010.

In this randomized list you will find some very interesting blogs that have to do with Integrated Workplace Management Systems and their environment.

  1. Facilties Leadership | Increasing the value of Facilities Management in higher education
  2. FacilityBlog | The First Facility Management Blog
  3. Technology4Design | Blog and discussion forum on construction design technology and processes including CAD, BIM
  4. Idisis Blog |  OSIS, Archibus and Infrastructure Goodness
  5. IWMSnews | Intelligent Workplace Management Tips that will help to optimize facility management and real estate performance of organizations around the globe
  6. FM Insight | Managing The Built Environment Improving Management and Operations for Facility, Property and Asset Managers
  7. Tririga Insights | Building knowledge for business and government leaders to help drive measurable real estate and environmental sustainability returns.
  8. Bricsnet IWMS Blog | The Bricsnet IWMS Blog
  9. IWMSconnect | Corporate Real Estate Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) industry forum empowering the IMWS business community to make sustainable business decisions through thought leadership and collaboration (although no public blog, still a great resource!)
  10. MicroMain ToolBelt Online | ToolBelt Online by MicroMain is intended to foster research and discussion surrounding maintenance and facility software. You’ll find reviews, discussions, best practices and tips for making to most of your CMMS and CAFM systems.
  11. IWMS and Business Performance | Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) now offer powerful tools to drive and measure business performance relative to real estate assets, facilities utilization, and service productivity and effectiveness. This Blog delves into these capabilities particularly in the context of an unprecedented and prolonged economic crisis
  12. Mintek Blog | On the Mintek Blog you can find posts about IWMS, EAM and CMMS
  13. Lucernex Technologies Blog | Location Performance Management Software Blog
  14. Reliable Plant Blog | Maintenance Excellence, Reliability Engineering, Lean Manufacturing, People Management
  15. Mistress of the Dorkness | Melanie (Stone) Perry’s [aka. Wanderer] CAD Blog! Well, this will mostly be dedicated to CAD/Technology (especially as it relates to Facilities Management [FM] and BIM)
  16. BLAUGI – Blog of AutoDesk International User Group
  17. eMaint Blog | Maintenance Management Solutions Made Easy
  18. Manage Engine Community | Enterprise IT Management Blog from ManageEngine
  19. Maintenance Connection Blog | A community for current and future Maintenance Connection Users
  20. Scheduling Chronicles | The REAL story on scheduling, resources, people, events and more

There you are 20 Blogs that I frequently read. Which blogs are in your Google Reader? Which blogs do you recommend? I would love to hear your favorites. You can submit your favorites in the comment box below.

8 Responses to “20 IWMS, CAFM and CMMS Blogs To Watch in 2010”

  1. chris kluis says:

    Thanks for listing us. It’s an honor to be included on your list. Keep up the good work.

  2. Joe Valeri says:

    Thank you for including the Lucernex Real Estate Experts BLOG on your list. I love this idea and would be very happy to see this as an annual post from IWMSNews.

    Joe Valeri
    President – Lucernex Technology

  3. Steven Hanks says:

    Dear All,

    I’m looking forward to making this an annual event in January!
    Thanks for the great ideas and continued support.

    Yours Sincerely,


  4. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for the mention, we appreciate it. Also keep up the good work, you have a great site. It is certainly one of our favorites.

    John Anderson

  5. Steven Hanks says:


    you’re welcome! Thank you very much for the kind words.

    Yours sincerely,

    Steven Hanks