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Internationalization (i18n) of IWMS

Crossing Borders

Over the last couple of years IWMS vendors have extended their customer horizon from local region / country specific customers to the large Fortune 500 multinationals.

When IWMS vendors are crossing borders, they have to face all kinds of internationalization (i18n) challenges.

According to Jack Heine, (Senior Analyst at Gartner, 2008):

“Globalization, which is driving a need for a worldwide portfolio view of enterprise workplace assets, where emphasis on local currency, language translation and 24/7 help desk support is becoming a common requirement.”

i18n post series

These internationalization challenges of IWMS vendors are subject of a new series of posts here on

In this series (starting May 1st) we will discuss the following subjects:


I’m looking forward to writing these posts. And I’d really appreciate your feedback about this subject. What do you think of i18n of IWMS?

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