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Scalability of an IWM Solution

In dynamic corporate cultures scalability of software is one key topic. Mergers and acquisitions (or even worse… ) thrive scalability issues and when you are selecting an IWM Solution this needs to be taken into account. Although it might seem obvious to you as a reader quite some organisations find themselves in a nasty situation when the chosen solution can’t cope with the renewed reality.

Organic Sofware: the only way to go

The only way for organizations to benefit from the advantages of IWM Solutions is that the solution needs to be organic. Don’t be naive and think that your organization won’t change as it definitively will! Although not every organization might be involved in mergers / acquisitions under the current financial crisis reorganizations are every day business.

As a rule of thumb:

Organic software is proportionality inversed with tailor made software

This implicates that the more tailor made software you have in your organization, the LESS likely you are able to cope with organizational changes and improve employee productivity. When an IWMS vendor promises to customize the solution exactly to your needs this is a prediction for misery and problems.

The more you standardize your processes and software the MORE likely you are able to adapt to organizational changes. Therefore our advice is to minimize customization of the solution to your needs. Toolboxes seem initially wonderful as you can program the solution exactly according to your needs, however the effort in adapting the solution to organizational changes outweighs the limitation in flexibility by far.

Next week: Flexibility

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