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Definition: Asset Management

Asset Management is the strategic management of physical assets during their life in the organisation. Physical assets have a life: they are planned and created, used, managed and maintained, and when no longer required prepared for disposal.

Asset Management in IWM Solutions

IWM Solutions should fully support the entire life of a physical asset from planning to disposal which will result in optimal control over all assets in the organisation allowing asset owners and users to directly influence the quality of service delivery, value optimizing and returns from the assets under their control.

One Response to “Definition: Asset Management”

  1. Peter says:

    I don’t see IWM Solutions embedding basic “best-in-class” business practices to manage the life of a physical asset from planning to disposal. Most, if not all, have evolved from a certain domain… CAFM, CMMS, or CPMS and have attempted to move into other areas.
    In theory, BIM will replace IWMS…. just my thoughts.