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Workplace Management Changes

Office space costs are high, typically the third or fourth highest cost of organizations. This is why implementing workplace management solutions are significantly impacting the operating margin of companies. 

The primary goal for workplace management is to supply well suited work environments (workplace) to the company’s workforce at minimum cost, while retaining or improving the quality standard of the workplace. By its current definition, workplace management is aimed at maximizing the use of corporate real estate office floor space. With the emergence of the global knowledge economy, companies tend to be more flexible in how they are organized and where they are operating.  Individual office buildings house an increasing variety of company departments over time and the lifecycle of these buildings for use by specific departments is shortening.

The increasing demand for flexibility calls for an integrated view on workplace management, starting with the real estate portfolio decisions directly linked to facilities management driven space management requirements. Excellent ‘fit for purpose’ real estate portfolios emerge only from the integral management of Real Estate and Facility (Space) management functions: Workplace Management.

The business of workplace management is going through fundamental changes. Increasing workforce agility, new insights in the relevance of sustainability, ongoing pressure on cost reduction and new technological developments lead to the introduction of new ways of new workplace concepts, adding to the existing ones. The well known fact that existing office space is by average significantly underused , has set the scene for fundamental change to flexible office space usage promising a two-digit decrease in required office space, higher return on investment and a far better ‘green’ profile.

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